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25 November 2010 The Press Conference on 25 November at the UP Press Club was attended by reporters from almost all major newspapers, who were addressed by a panel of speakers  Ms. Tahira Hasan- AIPWA,Sri. Nandit Srivastava- Senior Adv. High Court, Ms. Asha Mishra- Bhartiya Mahila Federation,Ms. Renu Mishra- AALI   
Both are the  launched of Campaign Poster.  Pravesh Verma informed the media of the large scale campaigning in 30 districts that would create a public momentum during the 16 Days of Activism until 10 December.

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26 Nov. 2010 - signature campaign which was done at Daliganj mela, Lucknow . Students of Lucknow university and partner organization were distributed the pamphlets and also put the six demand to UP state government for effective implementation of PWDVA 2005.

27 Nov 2010 - ensure effective implementation of PWDVA Act 2005, Humsafar, MASVAW and Health watch forum team visited Chowk and Thakurganj Police station, Lucknow. They got the opportunity to meet and interview with the S.O Mr. Narendra Singh Rana of Chowk Police Station. He was glad to receive the materials and congratulated us for this campaign. We found his complete cooperation while interviewing him and came to know that this year there were  4 cases of Domestic Violence  registered in that Police Station. He allowed us in sticking the posters and stickers inside the premise of Police Station.  He also assured his cooperation in making people aware of this Act.
We also received a good support from Thakurganj Police Station,  S.P Mr.  B.P Ashok but we were surprised to know that he was  partially aware of this Act that the cases which was filed under this Act,  has to be decided within 60 days. He also added that the survivors are sent to the shelter homes for counseling.
While concluding, he stated with his patriarchal thoughts “ generally the cases of Domestic Violence are observed very less among the working women”. We shared with them that our research and data shows that such women faces dual violence, both at home and at office. It has been noticed that there has been the frequent incidents of sexual assault and violence at work place and also at home. Even our research states that working women often faces with a very embarrassing situation of “Eve teasing”

28 Nov 2010- Youth volunteers from Lucknow University Deptt. of Social work and Campaign Sportive organization like Break Through, Humsufer,  participated in a Road Show on the street outside of Sahara Ganj Mall in order to grab the attention of shoppers and promote the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005. The volunteers carried banners and posters, handed out pamphlets, and initiated conversations on the issue with passersby.

29 Nov 2010 - Signature campaign which was held at Lucknow mahotsav, Lucknow. The volunteers carried banners and posters, handed out pamphlets.

30 Nov 2010- Candle march as an activity conducted under Ab To Jaago campaign by campaign partners and youth from Lucknow university at Kapoorthala, Lucknow.  

01 Dec 2010-Posters, handed out pamphlets distribution and  Signature campaign which was held At Budh market , Nisatganj Lucknow,Youth volunteers from Lucknow University Deptt. of Social work and Campaign Sportive organization like Break Through, Humsufer,  participated in the activity. 

 01 Dec 2010 -Cluster(Slum) meeting held at Mohan making, Janki puram sector- 3,Nya Baba purwa support by Sahri garib sangarsh morcha and vigyan foundation.  

02  Dec 2010- Essay  writing and  debate competition held at Lucknow degree College, Around 80 student participated in the activity.   

03 Dec 2010 -Awareness on DV act  2005 through  Papet show at gomti nagar by Break Through and Vigyan foundation.

04 Dec 2010- Humsafar Team visit to  Bajar Khala and Sahadat Ganj Police station and S.S.P. office  meet to Senior Police officer and discussion on DV act Cases.

05 Dec 2010- Orientation with lawyers on DV act at Bandhan Hotal, Program support by  AALI.

10 Dec 2010- AALI team visit at police satiation.

10 Dec 2010- State Human Rights Commission is organizing a convention  at Mini Stadium, Ring Road, Lucknow, in which some political representatives and government officials are being invitedAb To Jaago campaign partner organization, PACE, is setting up a stall for the same. Resource materials of different organizations on Domestic Violence,  distribution during the event. 

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