रविवार, 21 नवंबर 2010


   Campaign Contact Person -Rajdev Chaturvedim, phone: 9451113651

24 Nov 2010- MASVAW district forum organised district forum meeting and Plan 16 days activity and material  distribution to all partner .
30 Nov 2010-   Discussion on PWDVA Student of Ram Dev ji inter college, Sathion by Saket organization, around  135 student and few Senior Participated in the program. 
01 Dec 2010- Meeting  and poster making competition in girls inter college, Sri Ram Dev Ji Pichda warg Bal Vidy  Nikytan Raut Mau Azamgah. 
01-Dec 2010- Meeting with 110 women(SHG) on D.V. act 2005 at by Sahabhgi organization.
02-Dec 2010- Debate competition held at Sarb jeet inter college,tahbarpur,by Sarbjeet Sahu Sikshn Sansthan .
03 Dec 2010- Meeting with lawyer At katheri and discussion on DV act 2005 , and meeting with protection  officer and given material on campaign and meet to S.P. Mr bagwan swarup and given material on 
campaign  by Gramin Punar Nirman Sansthan, Azamgarh  

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